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Mission: Union Through Technology

At Firm Development Foundation, we harness technology to create solutions that foster an economic union of prosperity across the globe. Guided by principles of faith, integrity, and stewardship, we are dedicated to innovations that uplift humanity and promote universal access to opportunities."

Our Projects

RWA Blockchain Technology and Applications
  • Sell crypto

    Wallet & Paywall

    Introducing Fig, your gateway to our ecosystem. Fig acts as both a paywall and a wallet, safeguarding your transactions while ensuring seamless access to our services. It's designed with our principles of honor and transparency, providing a secure, user-friendly experience that respects your dignity and worth. With Fig, participate in an economic model that values every individual equally.

  • Dao

    Social Connection Platform

    Harness the power of connection with One Accord, our Christian social & education platform designed to unite creators and communities. 

  • Trading assets (2)

    Interoperable Layer One

    Firmchain is more than just a blockchain—it's a foundation for building a fairer world. As an interoperable layer one blockchain connected to an innovative layer zero network, Conduit, Firmchain empowers developers to create applications that embody our core values of transparency and integrity. With cutting-edge technology like proof of economic growth, proof of elapsed time and computable contracts, Firmchain is at the forefront of creating a sustainable economic union that benefits all.

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    RWA Currency

    Atonemint is our response to the need for trustworthy financial ecosystems. Backed by real-world assets, this platform ensures that every transaction is anchored in transparency and integrity. Atonemint revolutionizes how assets are managed and exchanged, making economic access equitable and fostering prosperity across communities.

  • Satellite

    Digital Asset Mapping

    Elemint integrates advanced digital mapping technology—akin to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)—enhanced to identify and store 'Digital Signatures' of materials through AI and Machine Learning. This sophisticated fusion of physical and digital data ensures unmatched precision and traceability for assets "in situ." By utilizing blockchain technology, Elemint transforms asset management. It tokenizes real-world assets in natural reserves without invasive mining, embodying our commitment to planetary stewardship, integrity, and inclusivity.

Motto: Innovation Through Divine Inspiration

Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the world? If you're fueled by a vision for tech-driven good, possess an innovation that could redefine history, or feel guided by divine insight to foster a more prosperous world, we want to hear from you. At Firm Development Foundation, we believe in the power of collective action and diverse skills. Whether you're a dreamer, coder, organizer, or leader, there's a place for you here. Let's collaborate to find the perfect "impact path" for your talents and together, create a legacy of positive change and enduring prosperity.

Join us as we build technology that blesses the world. 


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